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Much has been brought to our attention about the potential negative implications of the passage of the new high speed electric rail line through the territory of the Town of Mount Royal and the inconvenience in terms of noise and pollution that it may cause to residents of certain areas of the Town.

The MRMA is in favour of this superb project which will be of immense value to the Island as a whole both in terms of facilitating movement of peoples on and to and from the Island, eliminating pollution to a significant degree and promoting economic development. Once completed, it will be a major step toward bringing Greater Montreal in line with the major cities of the world. Simply stated, it is a good thing.

To be sure there are legitimate concerns over noise of residents whose homes are close to the rail line. The Mayor has communicated these concerns to executives of the Caisse de Dépot which is in charge of the project and has met with some of them. Measures are being studied to address these concerns. The Town does not own the land on which the track is to be built, does not control the project and has little influence over its final form.

Clifford Lincoln, a former member of the National Assembly with a wide knowledge of the issues, was recently interviewed on the radio. He went to great lengths to praise the new project while explaining the huge benefits that will result for the Island. He expressed the view that we are on the cusp of something great, that is was about time, and the fact that progress of such a nature means some inconvenience for a small number of citizens cannot justify holding the Island back. We agree with this assessment.