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June 15, 2018

To the elected officials of the Town Council of Mount Royal,

The Mount Royal Municipal Association (MRMA) wishes to preserve and enhance the quality of life of TMR residents. The MRMA hereby expresses concern over the playing of music at the municipal outdoor pool and the basketball court, for the following reasons:

  • Considering the noise pollution generated by devices intended to reproduce or amplify sound;
  • Considering the right to tranquility of residents living near the outdoor pool and basketball court, and that of users of the pool and parks near the basketball court to read, speak or rest without being disturbed by the playing of music;
  • Considering that the safety instructions of the rescuers are buried by the music;
  • Considering TMR municipal by-law No. 1380 on music in a public place;
  • Considering the impossibility of presenting a musical style that will be appreciated by all, whereas nobody will be inconvenienced by silence;
  • Considering that there is no music at the pool during the adult bath.

The MRMA suggests that the City ensure that no music be played at the municipal outdoor pool and basketball court, in order to provide a suitable environment for nearby residents and for children and adults who access public spaces for rest and relaxation, play or sport, or for any similar purpose — *except* in the case of swimming competitions, aqua fit classes and social events organized by the City (Piranhas bubble bath, basketball tournament, etc.).

The MRMA is eager to work with TMR Council members to discuss any issues related to this proposal.

Best regards,

Allen Feldman
President, Mount Royal Municipal Association