Capture d_écran 2018-07-16 à 5.43.42 PMJuly 16, 2018

To the elected officials of the Town Council of Mount Royal,

The Mount Royal Municipal Association (MRMA) wishes to preserve and enhance the quality of life of TMR residents. The MRMA hereby expresses concern over the display of commercial signs advertising goods and services on private property, for the following reasons:

*Considering that Town of Mount Royal has more and more signs advertising goods services on private property such as, for instance, pool and landscaping companies, window cleaning services, architects, engineering companies, general contractors, foundation repair, cabinet making, real estate developers, landscape and kitchen designs, and private swimming lessons. These signs vary in size, from the small lawn sign to the giant billboard and can stay up for weeks and even months ;

*Considering the visual clutter generated by commercial signs on private property;

*Considering that these signs do not help preserve Town of Mount Royal’s unique character;

*Considering TMR municipal by-law No. 1380 whereas TMR residents are not allowed to park or store commercial vehicles in their driveway ;

*Considering TMR municipal by-law No. 1323 whereas circulars placed in mailboxes must not be seen from the street ;

*Considering that the City does not regulate the types of advertising signs that are allowed on public and private property.

The MRMA suggests that the City adopts a bylaw to regulate commercial signs on private property — *except* in the case of for sale and for rent signs — within the Town of Mount Royal.

The MRMA is eager to work with TMR Council members to discuss any issues related to this proposal.

Best regards,

The Mount Royal Municipal Association