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Letter sent to Mayor Philippe Roy on September 4, 2018

The Mount Royal Municipal Association (MRMA) recommends for your consideration a proposal for the erection of a green deck or “dalle” at the centre of the Town of Mount Royal between the Cornwall and Graham bridges in conjunction with the planned REM project and reconstruction of the Cornwall Bridge.

The newly planned high speed railway project being undertaken by the REM group will have a significant impact on our town as many new routes will converge at the section that passes through our territory. A link between the eastern and western areas of the Town will represent an important investment in infrastructure which will prove to be of great advantage in the years ahead not only to Town residents but to individuals circulating in the vicinity of the Town center, of which there will be many.

More specifically, our proposal is for the creation of a central green space between the present Graham Bridge and the planned Cornwall Bridge reconstruction that will allow for safer crossings than presently exist between the two segments of the Town. The deck would not only enhance the green centre of our garden city but will also help balance the visual addition of a large modern REM station on the northern side of the Cornwall Bridge. The deck would also provide a green zone that would include the existing green spaces on the north side of the tracks up to the Parking spaces on Canora Rd. and on the south side to the 165 bus terminal. The outer sides of this green space would provide safer bike paths and bike parking while the interior additional park area would provide benches and safe pedestrian walking areas and crossings and would render the level crossing at Jasper & Lazard unnecessary.

The proposed deck would have to be built in conjunction and in collaboration with the rebuilding of the Cornwall Bridge by the REM consortium with which it will be combined. Since the planning of such rebuilding is about to be proceeded with presently, it is important that attention is given to our proposal without delay. In this vein it is to be noted that in the REM documentation, CDPQ Infra pledges to maintain its open, transparent and consultative approach for the next steps of the project so that their representative should be approachable and amenable to such an idea .

We fully realize that the project we are proposing will involve much study and ultimately, if undertaken, significant cost, but we also feel that current developments (the rebuilding of the Cornwall Bridge) afford the Town with a unique opportunity which will not come again. It is for that reason and our interest in the betterment of the Town that we are asking you to carefully consider our proposal and investigate its feasibility. It is in such a spirit that our representatives are prepared to meet with Council members, or Town officials, at your convenience.

Respectfully submitted by the Mount Royal Municipal Association.

Mr. Allen Feldman, President
September 4, 2018

Please note that the dalle project “… would render the level crossing at Jasper &
Lazard unnecessary” should read “…would help offset the closing of
the level crossing at Jasper & Lazard.”