The Mount Royal Municipal Association continues to face the challenges of increasing the level of support which it can count on from Town residents through membership.  We did succeed in maintaining membership levels of the preceding year, but the struggle continues.  We have attempted through Town newspapers and our new website,, to get the word out, but the results hoped for have not yet been realized.

We continue, in furtherance of our mission, to represent the citizens of Town of Mount Royal through attendance at monthly meetings of Council and meetings organized within the context of development of the new sport centre, the Royalmount Project, crime issues and, of course, meetings held in conjunction with construction of the new REM station and REM plans for the passage of rail cars through our territory.  We have voiced our support for the Royalmount Project at meetings and through publications, for strategies for the reduction of potential noise and disruption that will result from the construction and installation of the REM and have assigned a representative to sit on the consultative committee established for the construction of the new sport centre.

I reported last year of a major positive development for the MRMA, being the creation by Barbara Lapointe of our new website who agreed to join our team. We had hoped that Barbara would assist us in maintaining the website, as a vibrant and active vehicle for communication of our message to Town residents.  With her assistance we did post various initiatives on our website and continue to do so.  Barbara also assisted us greatly through the initial months of our fiscal year.  Through her efforts we did host an activity conducted by an SPCA representative who informed Town residents attending on how to best deal with and get along with the wild animals who share Town territory with its residents (squirrels, raccoons, skunks, feral cats, etc.). Unfortunately, Barbara resigned from out Board shortly in January to attend to her other interests and responsibilities.

We also hosted a representative of the CDPQ who updated us on the intentions for the REM and made representations related to concerns over potential noise and pollution. WE also, received a group concerned over an excessive rate of burglaries in the Town and made representations on the subject at a Town Council meeting. Throughout the year we monitored developments in the Town and intervened where we felt we might make a difference    

My final message in this report is that we will be endeavouring to stimulate interest in our Association and the projects which it supports and the issues which it raises.  We will continue to monitor the territory of the Town of Mount Royal and bring to the attention of Council the need for action, wherever and whenever it is required.  We invite and are open to any ideas and participation as part of our committee, which would be very welcomed. Our success depends on the support of the residents of the Town. We ask you to visit our website and use the form posted on it by subscribing for membership.

Mont-Royal, June 6, 2019.

Allen Feldman, President AMMR/MRMA