TMR Town Council has sold the community gardens to a highly reputable company which established and operates residences for seniors in Quebec. The sale is conditional upon stipulated zoning modifications necessary to enable the company to realize their project. Council is in the process of initiating the zoning modifications required. The Mount Royal Municipal Association (MRMA) supports the project.

There is a need for the creation of options for senior Town residents who plan to sell their homes and wish to continue to reside in the Town. This planned project will result in the creation of a rental building comprised of a variety of more affordable, suitable residences and services than presently exist in the Town. The location on the north side of Brittany near Rockland is large enough and well suited to accommodate this project.

Council has promised to relocate the community gardens to another suitable location in the Town so that no resident will lose out.

This project provides the Town with an opportunity to expand our tax base while retaining citizens who might otherwise have no choice but to move elsewhere. All in all we see in the project a win-win for the Town and Town citizens and urge Council to continue in its efforts.