The Mount Royal Municipal Association (MRMA) was extremely happy to learn at a press conference called by the Mayor on August 19, 2019 of a planned project to build a platform over the tracks between the Cornwall and Graham Bridges on which is to be built a park, a project which was conceived and has been vigorously promoted by the MRMA for the last two years.

But the credit must go to the Mayor and Council who succeeded in negotiating an agreement with the CDPQ, which manages the REM project, securing their collaboration and support so the Dalle/Parc becomes a reality. It is one thing to come up with an idea and push it and quite another to make it happen. The MRMA applauds the initiative and efforts of the Mayor and Council. 

As a result of their efforts the east and west sections of the Town of Mount Royal will finally be linked by a land mass across which pedestrians and cyclists can cross in safety and even sojourn for a while. Equally as important will be the additional green space that the Dalle/Parc will provide to Town residents and the vast number of people passing through the REM station

The idea of a Dalle/Parc was first proposed to our committee in the summer of 2017 by Kathy Elie, one of our committee members and immediately received a positive reaction. We presented this proposal at an Open Meeting for our members on October 3rd, 2018. Strong support was shown and favourable comments received from the members in attendance, including retired architect Stephen Eden.

We then presented our Dalle/Park proposal to residents gathered at the Town Hall for the mayor’s information meeting about the REM on October 9th 2018, as well as at the town’s two Social Acceptability meetings in November, at town council meetings, in letters to the press and through our website. The announcement today about this new important addition to our infrastructure is a time for rejoicing.

We consider that the town’s share of $6,500,000 to the projected cost of the Dalle/Parc is reasonable given the merits of the project and the capacity of the Town to support it.  

Allen Feldman.