Association municipale de Mont-Royal / Mount Royal Municipal Association


Serving the Residents of TMR since 1932

The Mount Royal Municipal Association (MRMA) is a voluntary nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve and enhance the quality of life in Town of Mount Royal. We do so by the identification, elaboration and the taking of positions on issues that affect that quality. These include matters pertaining to public finances, recreation, the environment, and public services.

  • We only pursue clearly identified issues. We will not engage in ongoing affiliations with commercial, political, or religious interests. We may support particular positions taken by such interests when they are consistent with our own.
  • It is the Association’s policy to identify issues, research the salient facts, and, if appropriate, bring them to the attention of our membership with a proposed response. In this regard, we place particular emphasis on closely monitoring Town Council activities and decisions.
  • We provide a forum for the public airing of issues of concern to our members so that positions reflecting the majority can be developed.
  • We exert pressure on those private or public bodies such as Town Council with the authority to affect issues.
  • We undertake all the necessary publicity to communicate our position for public support.

For a brief history of the Mount Royal Municipal Association, click here.

The MRMA is a nonprofit organization managed exclusively by volunteers.

MRMA 2018 Directors

  • Rodney Allen
  • Kathy Elie
  • Allen Feldman, President
  • Ralph Nobel
  • Lyette Soucy
  • Farid Tannous